Tumbes is a pacific coastal city in North Peru, borders with Ecuador. Deserts turn into mangroves and ecological reserves. Some of its attractions are resorts, archaeology, forests, natural areas, mangrove swamps, flora, fauna and gastronomy.



(Currently no activities)

(Currently no activities)


Whale watching in Punta Sal

(only July - October) One of the most demanded tours, you’ll sail away from Punta Sal towards the high seas, where with Nature grace you’ll appreciate the humpback whales in their habitat, this is one of the 7 places of the world where the humpback whale finds the perfect conditions for reproduction. The number of whales and time will depend on the day and conditions.

Mangrove Swamp

Take a full day tour to Los Manglares National Sanctuary, includes visiting 5 islands (Puerto Pizarro, Whale Bone island, Birds Island, Crocodile Island and Love Island) and 5 tidal channels (Paracas, Puerto 25, Zarumilla, Gallegos and Mangrove Swamp Bridge where you’ll experience crab extraction).

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