titicaca lake

Lake Titicaca, straddling the border between Peru and Bolivia in the Andes Mountains, is one of South America's largest lakes and the world’s highest navigable body of water. Said to be the birthplace of the Incas, it’s home to numerous ruins. Its waters are famously still and brightly reflective. Around it is Titicaca National Reserve, sheltering rare aquatic wildlife such as giant frogs.




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Lake titicaca island visit

An amazing experience to the floating Islands of the Uros and Taquile on Lake Titicaca, visit to the Amantani Island and the top of the peninsula where the Chullpas are located.


This expedition is focused in kayaking through the Huñaymarca archipelago, a very little known region, rarely visited by tourists. In this place you will learn more about local customs by spending a night in a family house, sharing lunch in desert islands and camping in places where vicuñas will be your only company.

Uros and Amanti Islands

Meet the picturesque floating islands of Uros. These Islands located in the Titicaca river offers you a unique experience you will never forget. Its inhabitants remain living in these artificial islands of Totora for years and are commonly known as the Water Tribe, as they have to build their own islands. Their homes and boats are made of the same material. After the visit, you will continue the tour for approximately two hours to Amantani Island. This island is inhabited by native Quechua speakers still governed by their ancient traditions, whose main occupation is the production of ceramics and textiles. The positive energy of this Island is so powerful that it is known as the Island of Love. Arriving at the island we will taste a typical lunch and then we will go to the ceremonial centers Pachatata and Pachamama, sacred place.

Taquile Island

In this adventure, your experience will be scenic and rustic. You will get to know the Quechua community, their customs, language, ritual, religious and folk traditions and how they have developed an efficient and unique social system, in the town of Taquile. In this town, you will taste a typical lunch based on fresh fish (Pejerrey)