I had an amazing time in Peru and Cuzco indescribable beautiful and diverse. Thanks to Positrips for helping me plan and book this trip. It was one I´ll never forget and can´t wait to come back” 

Paul Wackers, US

We had desired it so much: we found even more than our huge expectations. Peru is a charming, sometimes unexpectable place for a long trip deep inside its many faces and souls. History, wildlife beauties, monuments, trekking, beautiful ancient towns like Cusco: we had the chance to taste it, always relying on smart indications even on the food matter, a field where the country can offer really high rewards. We will never thank Positrips enough for their professional and friendly suggestions and day-by-day support on an unforgettable trip to Peru.”

Roberto Boccafogli, ITALY

El cañón de los perdidos, great site for a beautiful hike. Nature impresses us with the effects of wind, sand and water. Highly recommended.”

Bella Sarfaty, PERU

What an incredible, humbling and all-around great experience! Since the start, the Positrips team showed punctuality and responsiveness throughout every phase of the trip. Not only that, they catered to every need/demand the group had. The community visited (Misminay) located on top of a beautiful ridge, was full of colorful and warm people. As soon as we got there we were greeted with open arms and smiles. We took an amazing hike through the Sacred Valley and ended up in a viewpoint that words cannot fully describe. When we got back we were welcomed with a delicious meal cooked by the villagers, we even got the chance to eat some mushrooms and potatoes we picked-up on our hike. The tent and amenities were lavish and delightful. The bed- particularly, was very comfortable. If you're looking for an amazing weekend retreat and/or a real-life glance of how these communities live, do not hesitate to book this trip. You can also combine it with your Macchu Picchu plans. The Positrips team organized and coordinated our transportation from Cusco to Misminay and from Misminay to Ollantaytambo (which is the main train station to go to Machu Picchu).“

Andres Levine, VENEZUELA

Thank you Positrips , for letting me and my friends, experience something, different, magical and unexpected.! From beginning to end, Positrips organized, the whole journey . Transportation, lodging and the tours. El Cañon de los Perdidos, was a special place to get lost in time, space, and noise!”

Jeanette Sterental, PERU

This time we wanted to do something different than the usual tours, and what a pleasant surprise we got. Getting there was easy, Positrips helped us arrange a taxi that took us from Cusco to the site and picked up us the next day. We were received by a welcoming family playing instruments and singing in Quechua. The tent was amazing and the infrastructure was rudimentary but cozy, well suited for an experience like this. We learned how to dye wool with all-natural materials, cooked with them at night dinner, that by the way was delicious, and the next morning had an Andean ceremony where we thanked the mountains and land for all they give us. For us the most enjoyable part was sharing a day talking with the people about our experiences and the way we live, the differences in what we look for to be happy and finally the way your perspective changes. We learned a lot from them and we hope they did something from us. 

We left with a smile in our faces. It has been one of the best things I’ve done in Cusco and would recommend it to anyone.

The experience with Positrips was perfect and I’m sure the other tours they have are as amazing as this one. Don’t hesitate on taking this tour!” Gabriel Tinman, PERU