sacred valley

The Valle Sagrado de Los Incas, or the Sacred Valley of the Incas is a valley in the Andes of Peru, 20 kilometres (12 mi) at its closest north of the Inca capital of Cusco. It was appreciated by the Inca for its special geographical and climatic qualities. Its fertile soils and various microclimates allowed the Inca Empire to farm an abundance of potatoes, cereals, vegetables and fruit trees, and ornamental plants. 




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archaeological sites

Meet the Sacred Valley of the Incas, an amazing place made up of numerous rivers that descend through gorges and small valleys with numerous archaeological monuments and indigenous towns. This valley was highly appreciated by the Incas due to its special geographical and climatic qualities. During the tour you will visit beautiful villages and archaeological sites such as Pisac, Moray, Salinera de Maras, and Ollantaytambo. Through the tour, you will see majestic landscapes with snow-capped mountains and dreamlike mesas.

maras salt mines

A stunning landscape of salt ponds from the Inca times that are still in use, operated and owned by the locals. Situated on a hillside these ponds look like terraces, in which spring water flows into an intricate system of tiny channels, constructed so it runs down to several hundred ancient terraced ponds. (This Tour is usually combined with Moray Ruins, see below)


Moray is an outstanding archaeological complex, these Inca ruins consist on circular terraces, believed to be an agricultural lab, each terrace having a unique micro-climate with which the Incas could determine the optimal growing conditions for different crops. (This Tour is usually combined with Maras, see above)


An ancient Inca temple and fortress as well as a village in Cusco, Peru. A gigantic administrative agricultural, social and religious complex in the time of the Incas. Stone steps up a terraced-laced hillside that lead to the impressive main complex. The panoramic views at the top are spectacular


A picturesque colonial mestizo town where craft fairs are held in the main square, its a small Village in the Sacred Valley. Pisac is home to a famous Inca fortress and a huge market that happens every Sunday (but will be lively throughout the week as well).

perolniyoc waterfall & raqaypata ruins 

A hidden gem in the middle of a forest in the Sacred Valley, where after a little trek you’ll get to see a spectacular work of nature that holds an archaeological site on top of it - the Raqaypata ruins which are in a perfect state of preservation thanks to recent recovery work.


The Huaypo lake is located between the city of Cusco and the sacred valley of the Incas, surrounded by one of the best views of glaciers and panoramic landscapes. You can book a unique experience at the lake, this tour is recommended for adults and kids and It´s a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family. You'll choose whether you want to Stand Up Paddle or Kayak, and also get to tour around the lake.


A bike excursion to The Sacred Valley Of The Incas where you will experience wonderful trails accompanied by the best views and landscape that The Valley offers. Furthermore, you will be able to see people in their communities doing their daily tasks in the field like agriculture, cattle raising and weaving; plus you will also have the opportunity to test your limits and enjoy some adrenaline. 


A bike excursion to The Sacred Valley Of The Incas where you will experience wonderful trails accompanied by the best views and landscape that The Valley offers. Riding E-Mountain Bikes that will give you the power to ride more kilometers with less effort; with silent, pedal-assisted power and proprietary technologies. This activity takes your trail rides to new heights…and more thrilling descents.