At Positrips, we promote responsible travel practices that we call positive impact tourism. Responsible tourism encourages respectful synergies with local people, cultures, economies, and environments. It’s a holistic way of traveling that allows tourists to enjoy unique experiences while making a difference in their favorite destinations.

With our launch in Peru, our team has spent considerable time curating tour agencies and NGO partners that are enabling positive change through tourism. We look for sustainable practices across organizations – whether their hires, transportation, payments, or the experiences themselves. Ultimately, by partnering with them, our goal is to give back to local economies and bring additional resources, education, and infrastructure to the communities we support.

There is a misconception that responsible tourism represents a niche and expensive market. Our activities at Positrips indicate otherwise. We cover a variety of experiences that range across many interests and demographics. Additionally, our platform enables a competitive marketplace where travelers can quickly find interesting, affordable activities. From a long-term perspective, sustainable practices will greatly reduce the costs associated with environmental damage, healthcare issues, lack of education, and scarce local resources.

We encourage you to join the movement and consider positive impact tourism for your next adventure. Make the world a better place while participating in exciting experiences that you’ll remember for many years to come. We’ll help make this possible for you at Positrips by providing access to the world’s best, most responsible tour agencies and NGOs.

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