How to avoid Amazon mosquitoes’ bites

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most biodiverse regions of the world, having more species of plants and animals than any other terrestrial ecosystem on the planet. It has 2,000+ species of animals than cannot be found elsewhere in the world. When you travel to this area, you will find jaguars, sloths, river dolphins, birds, macaws, alligators, monkeys, snakes, anacondas, bugs, frogs and specially, insects. Every year around 10,000 new species of insects are discovered, so you will expect mosquitoes whenever you travel to the Amazon Rainforest.

Using a repellent is really important if you do not want to be stung by mosquitoes. However, not every repellent works for this type of insects. On this blog we will give you some tips for avoiding mosquitoes’ bites and the do it yourself recipe to make it at home.

We recommend taking thiamine (vitamin B) 15 days before traveling and during the days of your visit to the Amazon Rain forest. This vitamin is eliminated through sweat and produces a smell that serves as a repellent. Some experts recommend taking this product with your lunch or dinner. Your organism process the vitamin better if you take it with food. Always remember to ask your doctor if you can take thiamine as some people may have allergies or intolerance.

For making the repellent you will need alcohol, Menticol, Nopikex soap, camphor, 10% Eurax, essence of citronella and Johnsons oil. Once you gather all the elements, serve equal amounts of alcohol and Menticol in a blender. Add the Nopikex, 6 camphor tablets, 30 cubic centimiters of citronella essence and two teaspoons of Eurax for every 250 milligrams of alcohol/Menticol. Mix all the ingredients and add three teaspoons of Johnson´s oil if toy have sensitive skin. Pack the repellent in a sprayer.

During the adventure, we recommend using this repellent on your skin before and after you shower. Also, spray it on the clothes you are wearing. Reapply the insect spray every evening. Avoid all the nice smelling deodorants, perfumes, cremes, oils and any other beauty product. The smell of these products attracts mosquitoes. In terms of clothing, mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, so try to wear light colors and strong fabrics so mosquitoes can´t bite through them tight garments and keep your skin covered as much as possible by wearing long- sleeved tops, pants and socks that cover your ankles.

If you do get bitten don’t worry, just apply an antiseptic to the affected area. Also, you can apply a soothing cream like hydrocortisone to reduce the itchiness and inflammation.

We hope these recommendations help you on your next travel to the Amazon. To find some great sustainable tourism activities on this rain forest go to our website and book your favorite one.

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