Arequipa is one of the most beautiful and second biggest cities in Peru with more than 500 years of history. It’s a must in every peruvian’s checklist. Arequipa is located at 2325 m in the heart of the Andes and it overlooks the emblematic Misti volcano. It is an enchanted city because it was almost entirely built with ashlar, which is a variety of a volcano stone, that is why it is also called “the white city.”If you are a foodie, Arequipa should be in your list because it has a wide variety of unique and native foods. Here is where las picanterías originated. Las picanterías exist since 1540 when the Spanish Empire arrived. In las picanterías the kitchen has to be open to the public. Gladys Ballon, the owner of  Picantería La Lucila says that, “las picanterías were places to share experiences and eat spicy food with chicha”. You will always find a typical dish called rocoto relleno: a bell pepper filled with ground meat, olives, peas, fresh andean cheese seasoned with cumin and chopped parsley.  Positrips offers you the Gastronomic Tour of Arequipa by walking through its picturesque streets and learning about their vibrant culture and history.

Positrips gives you the possibility to go to the Valley of Majes. This valley is Arequipa’s little secret. Here, the colors are magical due to its desert-subtropical climate. The colors of the mountains, plants and vineyards explode in the best possible way. You will be able to taste the local pisco and brandy and learn about the process of how it’s made.Then you can rest and get ready for the next day trek to the Yura Waterfalls. You will probably find little information about this trek since it is very local and exclusive. The path to get to the waterfall will make you feel as if you were in Star Wars or even Jurassic Park. You will see surreal plants and the canyon wall covered with plants. After a 30 minute walk, you will reach the final destination: the Yura Arequipa Waterfall. The water is crystal-clear but perhaps the black stone on the back of the waterwall would probably make you think the opposite. Don’t forget to bring your water sandals to take a bath!

Perhaps the last day of your trip you will be tired of all the adventures. But it is important to go to the epic Colca Canyon.  The canyon is best known for its population of beautiful and mystical Andean condors, one of the largest flying birds in the world. For the Inca Empire, the condor was an immortal animal and the King of the Andes. This sacred bird is solitary and monogamous and has been hunted indiscriminately for its mystical therapeutic powers and qualities and its surprising nutritional value.Positrips is committed to providing the most authentic and local experience while you’re visiting Arequipa. Therefore, if you enroll in these tours, Positrips will provide you not only adventures and memories that you will keep your whole life, but also an opportunity to give back to Arequipa’s society and economy. These tours will teach the city’s history and evolution while supporting local businesses. You will also become the most important contributor to promote Arequipa’s traditions as well as interact with its nature in a sustainable way.

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