paracas bay

Paracas is a small town by the sea in the Ica region of Perú, a small fishing village turned into a beach resort. Is known for its National Reserve that encompasses Islands full of sea life, Ocean, Desert dunes and perfect beaches for kite surfing or just to spend a relaxed day under the sun. Paracas is considered a premium spot for extreme sports such as kite surfing and paragliding. It is also a historical and cultural destination being an area formerly inhabited by the Paracas culture between approximately 800 BC and 100 BC.




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Fly trough Paracas skies, you don’t need to have any previous experience since the pilot will take care of everything so you just have to relax and enjoy it. Paragliding is the freest way of flying, no noise, no vibrations, just the wind and you. There are 2 spots where you’ll depart depending on the weather, the mountain “Cerro El Mirador” (4000 meters above sea level) and descend marvelled by spectacular view of the reserve, or, “Playa Supay” hovering for more than 10 minutes above the spectacular seashore next to the bay of the Paracas Cathedral.

golden shadow trek for sunset

Enter the very heart of the Paracas National Reserve (35 km) and experience the mysticism and energy of the Lord of the Golden Mountain (Kori-Apu) in the beauty of the cliffs, let your emotions flood in harmony and let your eyes be delighted with the most beautiful sunset on the planet where even the shadows … will look golden.

kite surfing classes

Paracas is considered one of the best spots for wind surf. Its winds are reliable for almost always enough for Kite Surfing. Join a Kite Trip inside the Paracas Natural Reserve and kite at unique spots with stunning landscapes. Choose between freestyle spots, wave spots, spots with kickers for boosting and much more! There are different time rentals, beginner classes options and rental for pros.