northern coast

Located about one hour flight away from Lima and sunny all year, the north coast of Perú is best know for its fantastic beaches, surfing waves, wonderful seafood and perfect sunsets. The main cities are Tumbes, Piura and Talara, while visiting these you’ll find different locations to explore such as Organos, Lobitos, Punta Sal, Mancora.

Visit the main plaza of the city, Lord of Luren Temple, and a Pisco winery.


Surfing Classes

For surfers of different levels, and all different types of boards.

Kite Surfing

Get a full insight at kite surfing, no matter if you start from scratch or have already taken lessons somewhere else.

Huacachina Oasis


Daily Dive Tour for Certified Divers

This unforgettable experience is designed to reveal and to preserve the wonders of the marine world. 

Open Water Diver Course

Doing this course in the Pacific Ocean may give your a higher level of experience due to the slightly challenging currents and will give the opportunity to new divers to see marine creatures.

Marine Life Expedition

An ideal experience for those looking for complete relaxation and tranquility sailing in the Pacific Ocean.

Volunteering with Sea Turtle Preservation 

The program consists in walks between the different beaches to search for stranded sea turtles.

Discover Scuba Diving

This unforgettable experience is designed to reveal and to preserve the wonders of the marine world. 


Whale Watching in Punta Sal

One of the most demanded tours, you’ll sail away from Punta Sal towards the high seas

Mangrove Swamp

Take a full day tour to Los Manglares National Sanctuary, includes visiting 5 islands and 5 tidal channels.


North Shore Volunteering

Live within the community and immense yourself in the local coastal culture.

EcoSwell’s Volunteer Program

The aim of EcoSwell’s volunteer & intern program is to complement its existing operation, driving the development of poor rural and semi-rural communities.

Community Surf Class

Surf travel should benefit the people and the communities where it happens.