Lobitos is located 70 km South of Mancora in Talara village. A small surfing town, Lobitos is one of Peru’s best surfing spots hidden in the Peruvian desert in the north of Peru.



(Currently no activities)

(Currently no activities)


North shore volunteering

Live within the community and immense yourself in the local coastal culture. Experience local festivals, enjoy traditional food, surf with local guides, savor the sun and ocean waters.

Ecoswell’s Volunteer Program

The aim of EcoSwell’s volunteer & intern program is to complement its existing operation, driving the development of poor rural and semi-rural communities in northern Peru through a path of sustainability and in turn, transforming the volunteers into agents of change, at a time when they are much needed. The EcoSwell volunteer & intern programme includes anyone seeking to carry out personal or university projects (dissertations, thesis’, final year projects, etc.) by working on existing projects or by developing their own (with assistance) or who just wish to volunteer, helping with the daily running, administrative and activities of the NGO.

Community Surf Class

Surf travel should benefit the people and the communities where it happens. Go to surf and leave something behind. 

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