Capital and largest city in Perú, where you can explore ancient archeological sites mixed with Spanish colonial buildings. A coastal city rich and grateful for all the Ocean offers. And last but not least, the Gastronomic capital of the World.

Visit the main plaza of the city, Lord of Luren Temple, and a Pisco winery.

city of lima

Culinary Class

You’ll learn how to easily cook in a social and friendly environment the different dishes of Peruvian and international cuisine.

Private City Tour

The best way to see and appreciate the beauty of Lima, through its historical sites and streets.

Dinner in the Altitude

Dinner in the Sky is a unique gastronomic experience, a success in more than seventy countries around the world.

Surfing Lessons

Learn to surf in a private class of an hour and a half on the beaches of Barranquito, Ala Mohana or Punta roquitas. Another option would be to surf is Bermejo, Bermejo is located about 4 hours from Lima, in Ancash. You don't have to be an expert, classes are offered for all levels.


Peru Champs - By volunteering to help students in different governmental schools, you’ll help reducing the unequal educational opportunities that the country presents.

Food Rescue - You will collaborate to rescue and deliver food to charities.

Beach Clean - A collective action to positively impact the planet through organized cleaning of beaches in the Peruvian coast.

Marcahuasi Mountain Clean - This activity consist in 1 night camping in the altitude, you will help clean the Marcahuasi mountain in Lima.

Gastronomy Experience

You can consult our experts for restaurants that suit your budget and your taste. Additionally we will take care of helping you manage your reservations.

cordillera de

la viuda

Cordillera de la Viuda Trek

The Trek to the Cordillera de la Viuda is one of the most breathtaking landscapes of Perú


Rajuntay Peak Trekking

Rajuntay peak is located at 5475 masl, just 5 hours away from Lima, it gives you the opportunity to have a great outdoor experience in the Central Range of Peru.