There’s so much to see in Cusco besides Machu Picchu,  

which is obviously a must visit.

Cusco offers amazing and breathtaking landscapes, mountains, lagoons, ruins, trails, forrest, the sacred valley, diverse local communities, and more magic. Nothing better to connect with nature and this magical city than doing all kinds of activities available to explore, always generating a positive impact.

City of CUSCO

Archaeological Sites

Organized and guided Visits to the following sites:

Saqsaywaman - The Incas called it the Sun Temple, Spaniards called it a fortress.

Qenqo - Ceremonial and ritual center.

PucaPucara - Old farm (or similar), functioned as a kind of surveillance along the Inca Trail.

Tambomachay - Ceremonial center to worship the water.

Bar Master Class “PISCO”

In this class, you will learn about the different kind of piscos and how to make the traditional drink of Perú: Pisco Sour.

City Tour

You will get to visit the main attractions such as the Cathedral, the main plaza, San Pedro Market and Qorikancha.


Glamping in Misminay - you’ll be able to see the largest canvas of stars in all of Cusco.

Glamping in Huilloc - A great community to experiment with their locas customs and traditions.

Huchuy Qosqo

Huchuy Qosqo, also known as little Cusco, is an archaeological site 50 km north of Cusco in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

El Parque de la Papa (The Potato Park) is a territory dedicated to the conservation of biological and cultural diversity in the Andes mountains near Pisaq, Cusco.

PARU PARU- The Potato Park

El Parque de la Papa” (The Potato Park) is a territory dedicated to the conservation of biological and cultural diversity in the Andes mountains near Pisaq, Cusco. 
The Archaeological Park of Pisaq is located 33 km to the east of the city of Cusco and constitutes one of the most beautiful archaeological monuments in the valley.

The Potato Park & Pisaq


Machu Picchu Full Day Tour

You’ll take a small bus up the hill where the entrance to the

ruins is located and where you’ll start a guided tour through

this magical wonder of the world.

Inca Rural Trail

In this adventure of five days and four nights, you can walk the journey the Incas made to get to Machu Picchu.


rainbow mountain

Rainbow Mountain
Book an experience to meet the beauty of the Vinicunca Mountain, commonly known as the Rainbow Mountain
because of its colorful layers of rock sediment


Archaeological Sites
Paddling and Kayaking

You choose whether you want to Stand Up Paddle or Kayak, and also get to tour around the lake.

Mountain Cycling

A bike excursion to The Sacred Valley Of The Incas where you will experience wonderful trails accompanied by the best views.


E-Mountain Bikes give you the power to ride more kilometeres with less effort.

Organized and guided Visits to the following sites:

Maras- A stunning landscape of salt ponds from the Inca times that are still in use.

Moray - Inca ruins that consist on circular terraces, believed to be an agricultural lab, each terrace has a different ecosystem.

Ollantaytambo - A gigantic administrative agricultural social and religious complex in the time of the Incas

Pisac- a picturesque colonial mestizo town where craft fairs are held in the main square

Perolniyoc Waterfall and Raqaypata ruins - Cyou’ll get to see a spectacular work of nature that holds an archeological site on top of it - the Raqaypata ruins.